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Hill East Waterfront Visions Medical Facilities among Proposed Plan

In December, community members heard presentations from four potential master developers for the 67-acre “Hill East Waterfront” site – just west of the Potomac River, from the Stadium-Armory Metro stop to the DC Jail. Plans will include offi ce, retail, residences and community space; in addition, each proposal  must include at least two acres dedicated to medical services. Groundbreaking for the first of three phases of building is expected in 2011.

HDG Waterfront Development, with a team including EYA and William C. Smith, proposes a “Zero Carbon, Zero Waste community” and stresses “four philosophies: live, work, play and sustain” in their design. They propose collaborating with DC Primary Care Association to create an 80,000 square foot medical facility.

Hill East Waterfront LLC – a team which includes Banneker Ventures and Donatelli (of Minnesota-Benning Phase II) and Banneker Ventures – offers a plan they say will be “sustainable for people, not just buildings” through job creation and business development. h eir plan calls for 327,660 square feet in unspecified medical facilities.

New Hill East JV – a venture joining Urban Atlantic with Blue Sky and others – aims for a “community that is inclusive and connected and caring,” where neighbors can “live, work and socialize in one area.” Dynamis Advisors, their medical partner, plans to meld housing and retail with primary and urgent care – across 325,500 square feet – using a “revolutionary model that has transformed other cities.”

East Banc offered “A Different Approach for a Different Economy,” dividing Hill East Waterfront into 60-80 separate pads, which would be sold over time to different developers – possibly incorporating “the best of others [competing for the award].” Vice President Joe Sternlieb said economic times are so uncertain that no one today can tell which health care providers will remain in business a few years down the road; their medical plans are “to be determined.”

The public comment period continues through Jan. 22 with a final selection in February. Deputy Mayor Neil Albert says his office is seeking “input of people who will be affected most” and encourages “direct and creative” comments.

Community members are asked to visit or submit comments through an ANC commissioner. h e deputy mayor’s offi ce said materials from the Dec. 11 presentations would be available on-line the following week and that a link would be established for public comment. Contact Genevieve Hanson in the deputy mayor’s offi ce, 202-727-6365, if these updates do not appear (they had not been posted at press time). Additional proposal details are available in January’s Hill Rag

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